KCIS Special Events

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KCIS participates in the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, held in February or sometimes March. Please stop by and say "Hello". We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the various types of irises, our scheduled Shows and Sales, as well as provide information about garden tours!

Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden Plant Sale

KCIS will be selling a wide selection of potted irises during this Annual Plant Sale, Typically held in May. The majority will be of the bearded types (Tall, Border, Intermeidate, Miniature Tall, Standard Dward, Miniature Dwarf and Arilbred), although beardless varities are expected as well. There may even be a few of those hard to find Pacific Coast hybrids!

Be sure to join us for our annual Iris Exhibition or Show at Crossroads Bellevue in Bellevue, WA, held on a Saturday in May. This is great time to view a number of irises all at once. Bearded irises are the main feature, with a splash or two of Beardless varieties, such as Japanese, Siberian and Pacific Coast Native mixed in. Bring a pad and paper so you can write down the iris you want to look for at the Sales in August and September. (Please note: not all irises exhibited will be at the sale!) There are also many KCIS members available to answer any questions about the joy and care of iris! Come join the fun!!

Directions to Crossroads Bellevue
NE 8th & 156th Ave. NE

KCIS Bearded Iris Sale
Wells-Medina Nursery, Medina, Washington 98039

There will be many varieties of unusual, hard to find, and newer introductions of bearded iris, from Tall Bearded to Miniature Dwarf Bearded, most of which are unavailable elsewhere locally. The rhizomes that are sold are freshly dug, and will reestablish themselves quickly. Prices are very reasonable. Experts will be available to provide growing information.

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KCIS Beardless Iris Sale
Wells-Medina Nursery, Medina, Washington 98039

This sale is primarily for the Beardless Iris types: Pacific Coast, Japanese. Siberian, Lousisana and Spuria, along with a strong selection of species irises! Be prepared to shop early for the best selection! There are often unusual, hard to find or newer introductions available at prices hard to be believed.